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My name is Amy, and I offer a local Dog Grooming Service. Your pet will receive one to one attention, in a quiet calm environment. Fully qualified, fully insured, trained in canine first aid and DBS checked.

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Dog Grooming

There are many benefits to grooming your dog  apart from the fact that they will look and smell great!....

A Healthy coat  

Grooming aerates the coat, and ensures healthy growth of the hair shaft and airflow to the skin.

Some dogs require regular trimming and grooming as part of their care plan to prevent matting. When choosing a dog this is something you should consider.

Dogs with an undercoat if not brushed out regularly, can form heavy undercoat wads which drag the skin down, causing soreness and skin complaints In summer this can cause your dog to overheat.

Healthy Circulation  

Brushing promotes good blood circulation which  in turn creates a healthy coat.

Less grease   

Grooming helps to keep grease levels down . A build-up of grease in a dog’s coat can block pores and cause sebaceous cysts.

Reduced moulting

Most dogs live indoors and so moult quicker and more often than their wild counterparts, causing the loose hairs to become matted. The more you groom the less hair you will have around your home, and the less chance of skin complaints.

Better health

You run a reduced risk of eye, ear, skin, teeth and nail infections, ensuring your pet is free from pain and disease. Many health issues such as ticks, fleas and skin conditions can be caught before they become an emergency.

Lower vet bills  

As regular grooming  can reduces infections and disease.


Your pet will be more comfortable being handled This is especially true around the face, feet and tail. Your dog will gain increased sociability as grooming becomes a positive experience for them. This makes things much easier should you need to get the dog examined at the vet etc.


Dog Bathing

Just want a bath? Save your own bath from dog nail scratches. Make use of my luxury hydrobath to give your pet a lovely warm bath.


Other services

I also offer other quick services such as nail clipping. Please ask for details.

Canine Hairdresser

More about Yappy Days....

C&G Qualified -

I provide the best knowledge & care for your pets, in an unregulated industry.

Fully insured - 

You can be sure I comply with current H&S regulations.

DBS checked - 

Safe secure environment

Fully trained in Pet first aid - 

Best knowledge available should your pet become sick.

1:1 grooming - 

Your pet receives my full attention in a quiet calm environment.

Central location, based on a main road - 

Makes it easy to drop off your pet whilst you get on with your day

Local to Rotherham, Whiston, Brinsworth, Moorgate, Canklow, Broom Valley, Wickersley, Bramley - 

No need to travel far

5 Star reviews - 

Trusted service

Friendly service - 

You can feel at ease leaving your furry friend


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